Food in Vietnam has become not good for health, chemical abuse in farming and excessive processing. From farming uses crop protection chemicals to livestock products using growth substances, antibiotics as well as the processing of dirt has been a concern not only Vietnam but also around the world. So many governments have promoted agricultural development in the direction of farming and animal husbandry natural, sustainable, create conditions for development trend of consumers of organic products in most developed countries and developing countries.

Europe is the world’s largest market for organic food, the demand for organic products has increased by 25% in 10 years. When evaluating vendors, the appeal of organic food for consumers and commercial customers have been placed on top.

According to US Department of Agriculture (USDA), to be certified as organic, agricultural products, poultry must be kept or cultivation, preservation and processing in the absence of the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, biotechnology and radioactive school … or the products used must meet the rigorous standards, to ensure natural, sustainable standards.

The strict labeling rules to help consumers identify products accurately. For example, in the US market:

The label “100% Organic” must be purely organic substances
The label “Organic” refers to the product either at least 95% organic ingredients
labeled “Made with organic ingredients” (prepared from products of organic matter) is used for products with at least 70% organic ingredients
Products below 70% only allowed to list the organic ingredients present
Recognizing this trend, PQI Vietnam has cooperated with companies organic certification Organization of Japan, exclusive offers assessment services certified organic organic body for aquaculture products and processed according to the standards of the Organization recognized Japan, certification JAS – organic in Vietnam market.

By achieving certification OCO in Japanese  – a leading certification organizations in the world, certified products will be widely acknowledged and confirmed the credibility and quality. Especially, when the Japanese are redirecting investment market development of organic agriculture in Vietnam and open the supermarket system of Aone mall, Tokyo Mark, Hachihachi, Akuruhi supermarket, Tokyo shop …, achieving certification OCO will open huge opportunities to enhance competitiveness in domestic and export to international markets.

Certified Organic products represent a strong commitment to customers and the community:

Good health
No harmful substances
Do not use pesticides
No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)
No substance use in breeding and processing
Proven to the highest standards for food products
Interested in animals and the environment is good for the natural environment
Prestige with all markets although most discerning!


PQI Vietnam Co., Ltd. (formerly known as TQCSI Vietnam) was officially established in Hanoi since 2006. The company has two headquarters in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, is representing 3 international organizations prestigious activities in the field of certification. Main services of PQIVietnam’s  Management System Certification and inspection of goods, training and business management consultancy, certification consultant capacity and evaluation.

Recognizing the demand’s increasing ownership of organic certification of domestic enterprises in the service provided by the certification bodies through the appointment of consultants, evaluated from Japan to cost is very high; PQI Vietnam has directly negotiated and reached an agreement to partner with Organic Certification Organization of Japan, the unit has full authority by the Association of Certified Organic Japan grant allows service providers of construction consultancy and organic certification audits in Japan and regions outside Japan.

Along with this agreement, the consultants and evaluation of PQI Vietnam has experienced professionals in the field of construction and organic certification from Japan direct training and technology transfer. Since then, with the supervision and technical assistance close by each specific contract from OCO, PQI Vietnam are beginning to deploy to provide exclusive services to support the construction and evaluation certified organic Organic for aquaculture products and processed according to the standards of the Organization recognized Japan, JAS – organic certification in Vietnam market.

All interested roadmap certified organic products Organic general and organic products under Japanese standards – JAS organic in particular, please contact the Project Board Market Development Organic in Vietnam the following information :

Project leader: Chu Thi Thu Hien
phone: 0904509195
Email: hien.ct@pqi.xemdemo.net or office@pqi.xemdemo.net

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