ISO 14001 is a set of standards for environmental management system (EMS) it gives the requirements for environmental management to meet the organization. The purpose of this standard is to help organizations produce / services environmental protection pollution prevention and continual improvement of environmental management system of its

ISO 14001 is applicable to all types regardless of organization size, type of activity or product.

Apply ISO 14001:
Organization to apply ISO 14001 to control aspects and the environmental impact of production activities / services of the organization and continuous improvement to meet the legal requirements as well as the requirements of the standard.

ISO 14001 applies organization should demonstrate the organization has taken measures to protect and prevent pollution

To show the organization has complied with the requirements of ISO 14001 in a number of ways:

– Announce that his organization has been applied in accordance with ISO 14001
– Customers or stakeholders assess conformity with ISO 14001
– offers organizations the independent evaluation and certification of compliance with environmental management system ISO 14001

ISO 14001 wants organizations to fully comply with the requirements of standards standards without exception. All requirements of the standards must be established, implemented and maintained.

Attainment depends on organizations such as the size of each level of complexity of environmental management systems. Level of documentation depends on resources and human capacity. How to achieve conformity with the requirements of this standard depends on factors such as:
– The size of the organization
– Location of the organization
– the scope of application of the organization
– Environmental Policy organization
– type of operation of the products / services of the organization
– aspects and the environmental impact of the organization
– the requirements of the law that the organization committed to complying

steps build environmental management system

To suit the requirements of the standard, organizations must build environmental management system his mention the terms of ISO 14001,

the Organization must:

1. Establish and maintain a system environmental management in accordance with the requirements of criterion

2. establish an environmental policy

3. Identifying environmental aspects of activities, products, and its services

4. Identify the requirements legal and other requirements that organizations must adhere

5. set goals, environmental indicators and plans to achieve the goals and targets

6. Determination, made in writing and notified on shoulder role, responsibility and authority

7. Identify needs & implement training

8. Establish and maintain procedures for the exchange of information internally and externally

9. Establish documentation and dissemination of environmental management system

10. Control of documents applicable

11. Guarantee that the procedures related to the environmental aspects significance is done / control

12. set up and test preparation and response to emergencies

13. Monitoring and measurement activities I could cause a significant impact on the environment

14. the rating compliance (with the legal requirements and other requirements and held out)

15. establish and maintain procedures for determining responsibility and powers in handling and investigating non-conformance, corrective action and preventive action

16. Establish and maintain procedures to control environmental records

17. Programming & perform internal audits environmental management system to determine compliance with the ISO 14001 standard

18. Setting the course review the environmental management system to ensure the appropriateness, completeness and continuous efficiency of the system

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