In the context of international economic integration today, more businesses to pay more attention to reducing operational costs and reduce the price to be able to survive and grow in an environment where competition is fierce. There are many factors constitute operational costs; which costs energy use can constitute the majority, and the increasingly important role when energy prices always tend to increase constantly. The business could not control the price of energy sources, the Government’s policy or the entire world economy, however, they can improve the energy management methods to reduce costs as well as the amount of energy consumed.

International standard ISO 50001 energy management helps businesses effectively since it was established based on the different management models were more than 1 million businesses applied worldwide as ISO 9001 (quality management) ISO 14001, (environmental management), ISO 22000 (food safety), ISO/IEC 27001 (information security). In particular, ISO 50001 also applies the PDCA cycle (plan-implement-test-innovation) aims to continually improve the energy management system. ISO 50001 standard could apply to all types of businesses, regardless of scope, areas of activity. However the first business objects need to apply ISO 50001 typically businesses that use considerable energy, especially energy from fossil origin; such as producers of steel, cement, oil refining, the manufacture of beer, etc.

Benefits for your business

ISO 50001 standard provides business management strategies in order to enhance the effectiveness of the use of energy while minimizing costs. Make ISO 50001 directly beneficial for business as follows:

  • Bring quick benefits for business by maximizing the use of energy as well as the assets are related to energy use, thereby reducing costs as well as the amount of energy consumed.
  • The business will also contribute actively in reducing resource depletion of energy and minimize the impact of the energy use around the world, such as the warming of the Earth;
  • Access to capital of the Bank and the financial support program better
  • Enhance the image of your business with government organizations, clients and rumors
  • Fuel and energy conservation through the implementation of continuous improvement programs
  • Meet the requirements of the law and the international commitments of the Government about the used energy efficiently and minimize the adverse impact on the environment due to the use of energy.

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