What is HACCP? Is an abbreviation of “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point” means “hazard analysis and critical control points”. This is the system can recognize the hazards that may occur during the food production of the enterprise, from which the measures to prevent the threat from the start, monitor them, make plans if threats appear and prevent them recurring. Codex Alimentarius method of implementing HACCP method is the only acceptable building HACCP.

ISO 22000 – Food Safety Systems – Requirements for organizations in the food supply chain, offering the framework provisions of the international requirements needed to access globally. This standard was developed by ISO, with the participation of experts in the food industry, along with representatives of the professional organizations in the world and there is close cooperation with the Commission on food standards Codex Alimentarius products – body jointly set up by by food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and world health Organization (WHO) to develop food standards. ISO 22000 is designed to allow all organizations in the food industry can implement food safety systems. This control standards from the manufacturers of animal feed, processing, preservation,

The benefits of enterprise: Standard HACCP provides businesses an efficient system and save for controlling food safety, do it right from the stage as an ingredient for the production, storage and distribution to dealers and sales to end-consumers. HACCP precautions not only help improve the management system of food safety but also complements the quality management system other. The main benefits of HACCP as:

– Financial savings for businesses in the long term
– Avoid food poisoning customers
– Improve quality standards of food
– Ensure enterprise to comply with laws and food safety
– Team organizational processes for the production of safe food
– Promote individual and group work efficiency
– Support your protection when working with law
Certification to ISO 22000. Benefits of ISO 22000 potentially very large, but the biggest benefit to mention it is the clarity and the possible improvements when performing authentication food safety issue and the guaranteed rate is always higher than the legal provisions. ISO 22000 help businesses:

– Build and operate a management system for food safety in the mold obviously, are planned, but flexible, in line with the needs and wants of the enterprise
– Understand where is a real danger to consumers and to businesses
– Provide a tool in improving food safety, monitoring methods, measuring the safety of food an effect
– Meet the requirements enterprise and provisions of law

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