About Services Assessment Social Accountability (SA) 
The purpose of the evaluation and monitoring of social accountability (code of conduct, human rights, the requirements of morality) is to ensure the business partner your business comply with your company’s commitment to the policy of social responsibility. To verify the transparency, consistency and honesty, most companies use a third party such as PQI Vietnam Company Limited to assess the compliance of social responsibility. 
By using the services evaluate social responsibility, retailers and importers can ensure that the rights of the workers in the factories are producing goods for them to be respected and brand they are not affected by the conditions of the working environment under standards or human rights violations.

When to use the services evaluate social responsibility (SA) 
Before choosing a supplier, importers and retailers. 
When you want to check the suitability of suppliers for ensuring working conditions of the employees accepted being maintained basically. 
When you want to prevent lawsuits for failure to implement legal obligations relating to the violation of human rights. 
Deployment methods:  

  • Assessment Services Social responsibility is our an evaluation in the field of management system of social responsibility in accordance with the basis of the list of audits chuan.Cuoc factor price includes the following issues: 
  • Child labor; 
  • Forced labor; 
  • Health and Safety; 
  • Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining;
  • Non-discrimination; 
  • The principles of discipline; 
  • Abuse or harassment; 
  • Compensation and benefits; 
  • Work time; 
  • Suitable environment; 
  • Subcontractors and work at home. 

These factors will be assessed according to the legal regulations and / or according to special requirements of customers / trader. Evaluation methods include observation, interview employees and review documents. 

Evaluation criteria based on the labor laws of different countries and organizations to participate as majority shareholders:

The International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI): This is a non-profit organization includes trade association of toy manufacturers worldwide. This organization was established to enhance the safety standards and toy manufacturers responsible for the promotion and sales to children. 
Fair Labor Association (FLA): This is a non-profit organization established to protect the rights of workers in the US and other countries around the world. Statute of the FLA has created voluntary codes, widely applied in the industry on the conduct and control system. 
Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP): A non-profit organization, committed to promoting independent and certified production are legal, humanities and ethics worldwide.

Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) is an alliance of companies, non-government and trade unions to confirm and strengthen the application of good implementation of labor laws. The final goal of the ETI is to ensure the working conditions of workers producing for the united kingdom market meet or exceed international standards. 
Enterprises with Corporate Social Responsibility (BSR) is an organization whose members are companies of all sizes and sectors. The organization has a global influence and gives members the products and innovative services to help them succeed commercially by demonstrating respect for their values of ethics, communities and the environment.

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