Introduction service: 
Check the manufacturing process is carried out when 40-60% number of products have been produced. Depending on the product and the manufacturing process, inspection of the manufacturing process may include: 

1. Monitoring production status 
2. Confirm raw material input or main components 
3. Check the quantity and the implementation on the finished product 
4. Check at the scene 
5. Finished product and packaging 
6. Inspection outside, skill, color, size, quantity, etc. 
7. Check packaging materials and packaging details. 

Benefits of Testing in the production process:

– Production status is checked at this stage. Check the implementation of the production process allows confirmation that the corrective action has been implemented successfully after the initial inspection and can be applied to corrective action at the point of the request. 

– The sampling can be done at this stage to test in the laboratory. Product samples will be taken at the inspector plant (or somewhere sampling) for transfer to The Trust, or transferred to a laboratory for tests. The sampling can be done as part of the test product, or as a separate service.

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