After 12 years of construction and development, staff T.Q.C.S.I Vietnam decided to build a private brand, brings many clients choose and develop Companion. Thus, on 31.01.2018 was a great day in the history of development, marked the official selection of the construction and development of its own brand PQI Vietnam on the basis of inheriting and developing the capacity and experience TQCSI Vietnam activities.

Sau đây là toàn văn Notice of change of company name được ban hành và gửi tới khách hàng từ ngày 1/2/2018


About the change of the company name

Dear partners, agencies, clients and suppliers.

First, I T.Q.C.S. Vietnam co., Ltd. (now the Vietnam-company) to wish you health and thanks to the cooperation of agencies, partners, customers and suppliers for our company throughout the recently.

T.Q.C.S.I Vietnam co., Ltd was founded and operates under the business registration certificate No. 0101859253 on 12/01/2006 with two company models members.

To be consistent with the development strategy of the company and better serve the customers in the new T.Q.C.S. leadership, Vietnam decided I change the company name and brand recognition on 31/01/2018, in which T.Q.C.S. co., Ltd, Vietnam I was planning and investment in Hanoi City business registration levels change with the information as follows:

conten old information new information Note
Company name Công ty TNHH T.Q.C.S.I Việt Nam Công ty TNHH PQI Việt Nam Change
English name T.Q.C.S.I Vietnam Company Limited PQI Vietnam Company Limited Change
Abbreviated name TQCSI Vietnam Co,. Ltd PQI Vietnam Co,. Ltd Change
Address No. 12 Lane 84/33 Ngoc Khanh street, Giang Vo Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. No. 12 Lane 84/33 Ngoc Khanh street, Giang Vo Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. Unchanged
Director VU THI LE THUY VU THI LE THUY Unchanged
VAT code 0101859253 0101859253 Unchanged

From the date 01.02.2018, request that your customers when conducting transactions, issuing invoices to finance our company, to use according to the corrected information doi. information about the name old company is no longer legally valid from the date of 01.02.2018, all forms using the former name of the company in the transaction and relationship with customers are fake and illegal.

The company changed its name does not affect the transaction, relationship, economic obligations as well as the implementation of contracts signed previously. In the coming time, the relevant parts of us will contact customers to sign a contract addendum economic or other necessary procedures on the change of company name. PQI Vietnam Company Limited would like to announce to customers known and jointly implemented. We expect to continue to receive the trust, support and cooperation from our customers in the new upcoming

All requests for information about the name change and brand recognition of this,

contact: Chu Thi Thu Hien

phone number: 0904 509 195 – 0934 539 396


Thank you.

Best regards!