What is supplier evaluation?

Assessment is the assessment of supplier’s ability to meet contract requirements in terms of quality, quantity and method of delivery or not. One such assessment can adjust customers according to their needs and requirements.

This means supplier evaluation

  • Responding to the trend of globalization.
  • In order to optimize the system, a series of different customers can also consider in terms of production capacity.
  • Selecting the right supplier is one of the most important conditions for successful sourcing.

The evaluation criteria include

  • Management structure
  • Implementation of quality management procedures and systems
  • The certificate and certificate password that you have acknowledged.
  • Manufacturers of production technology and infrastructure
  • Assess current capabilities compared to quality work plans, depending on device capabilities.
  • Manage materials and products
  • Technical inspection destruction and destruction
  • Survey details, manufacturing, sales

PQI Vietnam ‘s Supplier evaluation service

The trend towards globalization has driven business, leasing production and processing in developing countries. In addition to optimizing the system’s capacity to produce, several other aspects have been customers. Considering the choice of suppliers is the most important condition to find the source successfully.

Quality of Service Assessment Factory’s company provides help to Tnhh Vietnam PQI to assess whether the manufacturer’s ability to meet the contract requirements in terms of quality, quantity and method of delivery or not.

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